Customised training programmes

Having a group of professionals with many years of experience at sea and in developing and conducting training programmes, we can offer training programmes customised to suit the client's requirements.

North Sea Service is able to develop taylor-made programs and training onboard your vessel.

The process usually involves:

  • Interaction with the client to understand the objectives.
  • Collecting relevant materials required over and above that which is available at North Sea Service knowledge base.
  • Visit to client's vessels to study the equipment/system and have discussions with the staff.
  • Preparation of the course material, vetting by the clients and conduct of the programme.


Design and Development

Comprising a team of professionals, the training design groups work closely with the end users, incorporating practical solutions where needed. Training gaps are identified from discussions with target groups and guidelines from standard model courses all form the input necessary for designing the programmes.Practical sessions are integrated with theoretical discussion where possible to ensure a better understanding of concepts.

North Sea Service, conducting sea trials

A sea trial is the testing phase of a new build ship . It is also referred to as a "shakedown cruise" by many naval personnel. It is usually the last phase of construction and takes place on open water, and it can last from a few hours to many days.

Sea trials are conducted to measure a vessel’s performance and general seaworthiness. Testing of a vessel’s speed, maneuverability, equipment and safety features are usually conducted. Usually in attendance are technical representatives from the builder (and from builders of major systems), governing and certification officials, and representatives of the owners. Successful sea trials subsequently lead to a vessel’s certification for commissioning and acceptance by its owner.

Although sea trials are commonly thought to be conducted only on new-built vessels (referred by shipbuilders as 'builders trials'), they are regularly conducted on commissioned vessels as well. In new vessels, they are used to determine conformance to construction specifications. On commissioned vessels, they are generally used to confirm the impact of any modifications.

Sea trials can also refer to a short test trip undertaken by a prospective buyer of a new or used vessel as one determining factor in whether to purchase the vessel. North Sea Service, can offer crew for sea trials and provide customers with advice. With a pool of certified engineers, Bridge Officers and deck crew, North Sea Service, can conduct and monitor the sea trial. (we have crew with licence of competence for sea going and Inland navigation).


Sometimes “standard” programmes are not what you needfor you and your teams. Your company might have specific competences you need to develop or you need to customize a programme that focuses on your companies specific challenges. Then the ideal solution for your company is a Customized Learning Solution.

North Sea Service, can provide a taylor-made Shipping induction training for your yemployees. This training will make the shipping industry a comfort zone for everyone involved.

North Sea Service, is a provider for Technical ship systems training. We can develop a training to prepare your crew for the use of technical shipboard systems on your vessel. Here a presentation is offered, based on the system drawings of your ship.During practice exercises, the crew will get to know there new ship on a technical level under supervision of North Sea Service instructors. All Primary ship systems will be explained.

North Sea Service, is a provider for bridge equipment training. We can provide training, for a variety of bridge equipment. With the use of equipment manuals, our instructors can assist your crew, to learn all functions of the navigation equipment. The training will be reinforced with a presentation of equipment basic’s.

North Sea Service is able to develop taylor-made Safety training. North Sea Service can conduct Safety drills on-board.(Conform STCW)

The primary aim of a Planned Maintenance Management System is to prevent Machine Breakdowns and improve efficiency. This is achieved by monitoring equipment efficiency and deterioration and make improvements based on the data collected.

The program provides shipping industry professionals with the necessary Knowledge, Techniques and Skill competency in today’s complex ship systems


This program is suitable for Engineers / Superintendents , deck crew/ deck technicians


This is a highly interactive training program, whereby participants are to gain the learning points through workshop activities and analysis techniques.


- Understanding The Types Of PM Organization

- Understanding Maintenance Systems

- What Is PM Scope And PM Advantages

- What Is Overall Equipment Efficiency

We meet your needs – our specialized training courses are tailored to meet your vessel’s requirements. We make sure every module is relevant to your crew.

In this training, the deck Officers and crew will learn about Mooring operations. Mooring plans of variouse vessel types will be used during this training. The purpose of the training, is to avoid dangerous situations to occur during port operations.

This training in is accordance with STCW and completely tailored to your fleet. With the use of the Safety plan of your ship, and a general training method, crew will familiarize wit all of the life saving appliance onboard. A practice drill on your vessel can be conducted by an experienced Instructor/ Ship Officer.



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Terms and conditions available uppon request.

Terms and conditions available uppon request.